Ignition Interlock Monitoring with D-Safe

Keeping the roads safe and preventing recidivism of those convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) is our top priority. The Draeger Ignition Interlock® XT and 7000 devices were designed to provide monitoring authorities with the tools to manage their DUI caseloads efficiently. Our comprehensive interlock reporting system, D-Safe makes it easier for monitoring agents to follow offenders through their probation process.

When your clients need a reliable device from a company you can trust, turn to us.

IID Monitoring Agent Overview

Our dependable interlock devices, comprehensive monitoring solutions and flexible training for monitoring agents will help you effectively manage caseload data in and out of court.

Convenient IID Reporting System for Monitoring Agents

  • Receive personalized Draeger Ignition Interlock and D-Safe Training that fits your schedule and budget, either in a traditional classroom or online
  • Gain 24/7 access to D-Safe, our dedicated data reporting portal for IIDs
  • Easily monitor all stored events transmitted from the interlock device
  • Retrieve comprehensive reports within 24 hours of device memory download at a servicing appointment (depending on agency specifications)
  • Receive streamlined reports including: Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) information, plus date and time of events
  • Document events such as circumvention attempts, tampering, and violations
  • Receive reports from D-Safe via email, mail, fax, or electronic data transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will the ignition interlock device be serviced?

Depending on your specific monitoring authority requirements, the participant’s interlock device will be serviced every 30-60 days.

Can I monitor my DUI defendant more frequently?

Yes. At no extra cost to the participant, we can accommodate additional service appointments to generate more frequent interlock data reports.

How do I monitor my interlock participants who have a Draeger ignition interlock device?

D-Safe™ provides 24/7 reporting for IIDs. Draeger’s ignition interlock devices transmit information to D-Safe, a database that monitors all events. D-Safe™ records all Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC), date and time of events, circumvention attempts, tampering, and violations.

How soon can I access a report?

Typically, same-day. All data is collected and stored in the control box of the interlock. Within 24 hours of the participant receiving service, a report will be emailed to the designated agent. Reports can also be sent via mail, fax, or electronic data transfer, where available.

What type of reports will I receive?

To accommodate the needs of various monitoring agencies, we have developed several reports. In addition to the installation, removal, and failure-to-appear notifications, we also offer reports for monthly compliance and violations.

How do I receive ignition interlock reports on the participant?

You may access interlock reports online, by email, fax, or mail. Submit a D-Safe Access Application and connect with the reporting department for fast, convenient access to participant reports.

Who should I contact If I have questions regarding an ignition interlock report?

We’re here to help! For assistance with any questions or concerns regarding a report, email our trained reporting specialists at interlockreporting@draeger.com.

Can I restrict a participant’s driving times?

Yes. Simply provide us with the restricted driving hours so we can program the ignition interlock device to disable during the designated times.