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What will my family and friends think? Will it prevent me from doing the things I love? How long does using an car breathalyzer take?

This article will show you what living with an ignition interlock device is really like.

We’ll weigh the pros and cons of using an in-car breathalyzer. Plus, we’ll go through the do’s and don’ts of using and maintaining one.

By the end of this article, you’ll feel confident that living with an car breathalyzer is simple. You’ll see it for what it really is: a temporary responsibility rather than a punishment.

Making the Choice to Live with an Car Breathalyzer

Having an ignition interlock device or an car breathalyzer prevents repeat offenses for driving while intoxicated by about 70% according to the CDC.

Make sure you know the facts regarding these devices. Knowledge is the key to making the right decision. For example, when facing a DUI conviction, if you opt out of installing an ignition interlock device in your car, your license may be suspended.

Living with an ignition interlock device helps you become a safer driver. Additionally, it shows the authorities and your peers that you are committed to making positive changes long-term.

How Does Living with an Ignition Interlock Device Impact Your Daily Life?

First, drivers with ignition interlock devices have to take a breath test prior to starting their vehicle every time.

At first, this prerequisite to driving can seem like a pain. It can be frustrating. However, ignition interlock devices test quickly and are easy to use.

Once you get into the habit of using an car breathalyzer, it will become part of your daily routine. For example, because our ultra-efficient devices are designed to be discreet, they help make living with an ignition interlock device easy. In fact, using one of our car breathalyzers can take as little as 10 seconds.

Just like putting on your seat belt, using an ignition interlock device will become second nature in no time.

How Do I Adjust to Living with an Ignition Interlock Device?

Like any new habit, you will need a few days or weeks to fully adjust to living with an ignition interlock device.

At first, it might seem annoying. But, in the long-term, it’s one of the most important steps to getting your life back to normal. Your IID will help put this experience in the rear view mirror.

Here are seven of the most important things to know about living with an ignition interlock device:

1. It’s Faster Than You Think

Although some ignition interlock devices can take up to three minutes to use, Draeger IIDs are extremely efficient in comparison. As one of the fastest devices available, Draeger ignition interlock devices use a blow and suck technique. That means your breath test can take just 10 seconds.

When you think about it like that, living with an ignition interlock device can take less time than buckling up or adjusting your mirrors. Your 10-second IID test will become just another quick checkbox in your pre-flight routine before pulling away.

2. It’s Not a Scarlet Letter

Something else that might be weighing on you: what will friends and families think?

The thought of other people judging you for having an ignition interlock device is anxiety-inducing for anyone.

But, chances are the people closest to you will be the most supportive. Put yourself in their shoes: would you ever judge your loved ones for taking responsibility for a mistake?

Using an ignition interlock device is responsible. It’s a way to accept the consequences of your actions and move on toward a better you. Friends and family members should be proud to see you take control and succeed as a safer driver.

3. It’s Effective

According to MADD, about one-third of all drivers arrested or convicted of drunk driving are repeat offenders. Ignition interlock devices help to create a progressive routine for repeat-offender drivers to help them avoid making the same mistake.

Living with an ignition interlock device means taking your future into your own hands. It’s also the first step to getting your license back.

4. It’s Discreet

Draeger devices are designed to be discreet.

For example, the Interlock 7000 features a rear mounted mouthpiece and sleek design, making it less noticeable to passengers. That means that Draeger ignition interlock devices will blend seamlessly into your car’s interior. They are even compact enough to be installed on motorcycles.

5. It Interferes with Some Foods and Cosmetics

If you have an ignition interlock device is to important to remember many foods, beverages, and even the alcohol content in mouthwash can cause a failed breath test for some ignition interlock devices. Keep products containing alcohol like hand sanitizer, mouthwash, hairspray, perfume, etc. away from the device. Do not consume any food, beverages other than water, or tobacco products within 15 minutes before taking a breath test.

However, the Draeger Interlock 7000 design minimizes this problem.

Advanced technology and thoughtful engineering mean Draeger ignition interlock devices can tell the difference between breath alcohol and mouth alcohol (like with mouthwash, for example). Our goal is to make living with an IID as hassle-free as possible with designs that help avoid accidental lockouts and violations.

Whatever ignition interlock device you have, always be sure to plan ahead and leave some extra time just in case you cannot start your car due to a failed breath test.

6. It’s Not Just About Starting Your Car

As you know, IID drivers must blow to start the car. However, the device may also prompt users to blow randomly while the car is in use (also known as “rolling retests”). 

Don’t be caught off guard or let this distract your eyes from the road. Our ignition interlock device will beep to notify you of a rolling retest and allow you a few minutes to stop your vehicle in a safe place and provide the retest. It’s quick and intuitive so you can keep the engine running.

Just find a good place to stop, take care of the quick test, and you’ll be back on the road in just a few minutes.

7. Maintain Your Device to Ensure it Works Properly

Regular maintenance should be part of living with an ignition interlock device. After the car breathalyzer is installed, your first service will be 30-60 days later depending on your program.

After the first service, most devices only need to be serviced every 60 to 90 days, depending on how far away you live from the service center.

A major benefit of using Draeger ignition interlock devices: all service fees are included in the price.

Maintenance usually only takes 10 minutes to complete. During this time, the ignition interlock device’s seals will be checked, data will be downloaded for the government authority that issued you the device, and it will be tested to make sure everything is in working order.

In the case that a calibration is required, this will take an additional 10 minutes to complete.

Seven days before your service is required, your ignition interlock device display will remind you that your device is due for maintenance. To make an appointment, just get in touch with your technician.

If you miss your service date, you’ll have seven days to follow up. After those seven days, your car will go into permanent lockout which will prevent you from driving your car. To avoid a lock out while living with an ignition interlock device, it’s extremely important to stay on top of maintenance.

To avoid any problems or additional costs while living with an ignition interlock device, make sure to maintain it according to these guidelines. A major bonus of using Draeger is the comprehensive support available to you. If you have any questions about living with or maintaining your IID, you will always be advised by experts with our qualified technicians and 24/7 customer support.

Should I Hide an Ignition Interlock Camera and Device?

There’s no need to hide an ignition interlock camera. In fact, hiding or interfering with an ignition interlock device can often lead to damages, malfunctions, and/or additional costs.

If you tamper with your ignition interlock device in an attempt to hide it and it breaks, you’ll run the risk of creating a big hassle for yourself. In this case, you’ll have to schedule an appointment to get it fixed, make time to bring your car to the service appointment, wait for it to be repaired, and likely have to pay for the service.

Ignition interlock manufacturers like Draeger designed these devices to be discreet so that you can use your vehicle without the device being a visible burden. It is there, but it’s not there forever.

There’s no shame in becoming a safer driver. Just like driving is a privilege and not a right, living with an ignition interlock device is your choice rather than your punishment.

More than that, it’s a respectable choice. It shows others you will take responsibility for your actions. It’s more than just getting your license or your life back — it’s a choice to make your life better than it was.

Having an ignition interlock device (car breathalyzer) is a gesture to your friends, family, and community that you’re proactive about making changes for the better and contributing to safer roads. There’s no need to hide that.

Will Other People Be Able to Use My Ignition Interlock Device?

What if a family member needs to borrow my car or I need to leave it at the repair shop? The simple answer is: other people will be able to drive your car even with its IID.

As long as they are under the legal alcohol limit and you’re prepared for it from an insurance perspective, other drivers can use your car. That means friends can borrow your vehicle and mechanics can service it as normal. You’re not the only driver with an ignition interlock device, so don’t worry. Mechanics see these devices all of the time.

Living with an ignition interlock device is normal. Your friends will understand the situation. You’d be surprised how often technicians and even car wash employees come across ignition interlock devices. There’s no need to worry about asking questions or inquiring.

How Do I Tell My Friends and Family about My Ignition Interlock Device?

Telling your friends and family about your ignition interlock device only seems terrifying. You might be feeling too much at once: anxiety, shame, regret, disappointment, and/or embarrassment.

You might worry that your loved ones will judge you with the same feelings. The biggest fear of all? Not knowing how those you care about will react.

The fact is, if you’re already talking with your loved ones about your DUI or DWI, they most likely just want to help you make the best decision in dealing with the repercussions. You’ll need these people to support you throughout this process, so keep them involved.

The only way to ease anxiety and embarrassment is to know how others feel. The only way to know is to have an open, sincere conversation with your loved ones. You may have made a mistake with the initial DUI, but now you’re taking steps to move forward and make it right. That’s something to be proud of, and your loved ones will see that and most likely celebrate it.

Living with an ignition interlock device takes getting used to, but it’s not the end of the world. Post DUI, you’re on the other side of one of the worst days of your life. Living with an ignition interlock device is the first step toward better days.

Having an car breathalyzer is temporary. It’s a gesture of good will. Obviously, an ignition interlock device does not define you as a person. In fact, your friends and family care for you because they know who you really are.

When it comes to living with an ignition interlock device, honesty is the best policy. In fact, the best way to move on from a DUI overall is to be open and honest. Be proud that you took the initiative to improve upon your life choices.

Living with an Ignition Interlock Device Is Not a Punishment

“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself.
Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”
– Wayne Dyer

Living with an ignition interlock device is easy. The life adjustments you’ll have to make are minor compared to the alternative — which is not driving at all.

When you choose to use an ignition interlock device, be open and honest about your choice. Becoming a safer driver is a good thing. You should never be ashamed of using an ignition interlock device.

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s how you make up for them that makes the difference.

Once you have an ignition interlock device installed, it’s easy to make it part of your routine. Our thoughtful, efficient, and compact IIDs are designed to help you move forward in the easiest way possible.








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