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Getting arrested for, charged with and/or convicted of, DUI often has collateral consequences and more severe criminal penalties than just paying a fine. There can be lasting adverse consequences that can follow you throughout your life. One night of drinking and getting behind the wheel can cost you more than just money. The collateral consequences and criminal penalties of a DUI arrest and conviction will vary depending on whether you’ve had prior DUI convictions. Even if it is your first arrest, the penalties for a conviction can be long lasting.

You’ll Get Arrested

Upon arrest, you may be taken to jail. You may stay in jail until someone bails you out or you have sobered up, and if it’s a Friday night, you could stay in jail through the weekend. Your license may also be suspended upon conviction, and your car may be impounded for a certain period of time (see this articlefor more information*).

And Go to Court

You will receive a summons telling you when you must appear before a judge or jury for a hearing or trial. At a hearing or trial, the judge or jury will decide whether you are guilty of DUI, and if convicted, the judge will decide what criminal penalties you will receive. If you have been convicted of a DUI before, then your penalties may likely be more severe than your previous penalties. In addition to paying fines, the Court could require you to participate in an education program or a substance abuse program, order community service, put you on parole or probation, or sentence you to more jail time (see What Happens if You Get a DUI *). All of these penalties will limit your freedom and adversely impact your life.

Consider What Happens When You Get Convicted of DUI

A DUI conviction may stay on your record for many years or forever in some states. This could affect your future employment or benefits. Your auto insurance rates may likely increase, and your ability to drive may be limited. You can avoid these potential negative consequences, by being responsible when you drink. You should have a designated driver as part of your group or call a car service to drive you home.

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, you may be required to obtain an ignition interlock devicein your car as part of the disposition of your criminal case. This device will help you determine your blood alcohol concentration level and will lock your car if you are over a specified limit. Qualified technicians will install the Draeger ignition interlock device and provide support to you, so contact us today if you need an ignition interlock device, which will ensure your safety and the safety of others.

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