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It is football season, a time to follow your favorite team on TV, at watch parties and at home games. There are always sports bars and tailgating events during the season regardless of the weather.

TV ads show people enjoying the game with a beer in hand. Spirits, including beer, wine, hard lemonade drinks, and distilled liquor may be considered gameday basics. Many stadiums sell beer. If you are a die-hard fan who always drinks “for fun”, you may forget how much alcohol can affect your body. Here are a few tips:

Designated driver

Friends don’t let friends drive while intoxicated, designate a driver who will abstain from alcohol. Alternatively, you can also join a group that charters transportation to the game with a professional driver.

Intoxicated people can also be loud and boisterous. If you are chose to be sober or were selected as the designated driver, it may be good idea to ask your passengers to hold down the noise. Even though they may be reliving the game, it can be a distraction while driving.

Know your limits

Responsible drinking means knowing your limits. Know how alcohol can affect your response time. As a natural depressant, alcohol will impair your judgment and you may difficulty responding to traffic signals and other motorist on the road, you want to be alert at all times while behind the will.

Blood Alcohol Content

According to Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA), during DUI checkpoints , also known as “sobriety checkpoints”, local police and highway patrol check drivers for signs of impairment and intoxication. Most states conduct DUI checkpoints throughout the year, this may be done during peak drunk driving times near sporting event venues.

All 50 states have set a breath alcohol concentration (BAC) limit of .08. How alcohol effects a person is dependent on many factors (e.g.,) weight, gender, food consumed. A person who weighs 140 pounds can be intoxicated with a BAC of .04 or .05. If you don’t want to get a DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated), do not drink and drive.

If you are charged with a DUI, depending and where you reside you may be required to obtain and ignition interlock device (IID). An ignition interlock device measures the alcohol level of the driver’s breath.

Enjoy watching games with friends and celebrating a victory or commiserating over a defeat. But remember, please drink responsibly. Try practicing mindful drinking.





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