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It’s that time of year again, college football is back! Students, alumni and fans will be descending onto campuses and stadiums around the country to enjoy the festivities around college game days. Whether you are backing Texas, Alabama, the Aggies, Clemson Tigers, Auburn or any other team, this is an exciting time of year. However, it is also a dangerous time when too many people get injured or worse as a result of drinking and driving. So, we have a few tips to consider before you head over to the big game.

Select a Designated Driver

For those that drive to the game, the first thing to do is designate the person who is responsible for driving back. Of course, that person should stay sober and avoid alcohol at all costs. Fortunately, there are usually five or six homes games per year, so you can share the duties with five or six friends and only take on the responsibility once a year. Best of all, those days you may actually be able to fully keep track of the game! The consequences of drinking and driving are serious, choosing a sober designated driver is your best option.

Limit the Alcohol You Bring to the Game

One simple, easy solution is to just limit how much you bring to pregame outside of the stadium. Bring a cooler with only a few beers for each person. Do not bring hard alcohol because it is too difficult to monitor how much is being consumed.

Don’t Forget to Eat

Tailgating not only revolves around alcohol, they also include food. Eating a full meal or a large quantity of snacks can help reduce the possibility of consuming too much alcohol. While that does not mean you should over-drink, it is a way to ease some effects of drinking on an empty stomach. Check our Prevention Lane’s Safe Drinking: Tips for Young Adults article for more information.

Take Note of Campus Safety Requirements

Schools are finally starting to get serious too. For example, the University of Wisconsin implemented a program that requires all students who were kicked out of games for alcohol related offenses to submit a blood alcohol test to get into future games. Anyone under 21 must be sober, while those over 21 must have a blood alcohol level below .08.

With many big games occurring over the next few months, keep in mind these Driving Safety Tips as you and your friends cheer for your team on college game day.




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