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When we look at someone dressed in a rival team’s jersey, we can’t help but to stare them down. That’s a silly notion as they may have come from a friend’s football watch party. The only thing that may make us truly worried is if they are stumbling.

Although drinking responsibly may be difficult in the moment, there are ways to still have fun celebrating the win, while not having to worry about getting pulled over for driving drunk. If your team does great and the drinks increase too much, be responsible and use your go to ride-share service to take you home. Here are a few additional ideas:

Tactic #1: Close Kicks and Hail Marys

The best games are the close ones, the ones that keep us on the edge of our seats. If you are hosting a watch party and planning a few drinking games, who says you have to use alcohol? If the score is close and a kick makes the difference, loser must down a shot of apple cider vinegar or whatever you can find in your fridge that does not contain alcohol. If you use alcohol, plan ahead to ensure guests who drink too much get home safely.

Tactic #2: Tailgating Party Show Offs

The great thing about a tailgating party is the space. A great way to keep the fun going, especially between play reviews, is to toss around a football. Another great idea is to recreate plays shortly after they occur. This may keep the drinking down as it’s difficult to be nimble while holding a drink in your hand. If you notice someone drinking too much, be a good friend, step in offer them a ride home or schedule a ride-share.

Tactic #3: Bring the Odd Stuff

When we bring something to a party, we feel obligated to try it. Bringing a non-alcoholic beer may be odd to your friends, but could also be a great way to bond. Not only do your friends get to try something they may have never purchased, but so do you. The great thing about non-alcoholic beer is you can have as many as you want, you can drive yourself home and you will not have a hangover the next day. So… it’s a win-win!

These are just a few examples on how to keep the fun going while not getting intoxicated. Did you know, according to Sports Illustrated, there are certain football fans who are known as the “drunkest fans”. Even football players have trouble keeping alcohol in check. However, no matter if you are a player or fan, the best play is to get a friend or a ride-share service to drive you home if you have consumed alcohol. If a person is not sure, or has had trouble with drinking and driving in the past, do the right thing and get a safe ride home.

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