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Ignition interlocks prevent drivers from starting their vehicles if they have an elevated blood alcohol content (BAC). Did you know that all states have some kind of ignition interlock law, with over 30 states requiring mandatory installation of an ignition interlock for all DUI offenders? Draeger, Inc. offers a strong network of service centers in over 40 states and dedicated Training, Compliance and Service teams to help you support your interlock clients.

Draeger Authorized Service Providers (DASPs) are the critical connection between Draeger and our valued customers – the users of our ignition interlock devices. Our ignition interlock devices have a proven track record of being one of the most reliable and easy-to-use ignition interlock devices on the market, so your company can help generate positive experiences for your customers. Efforts to keep drunk drivers off the road are increasing across the nation, and the need for ignition interlock installation continues to grow.

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